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Healthy organic nutrition spinach


Heatlhy organic nutritious kale in a field
Learn how to use 
herbs & nutrition to:

Support hormonal balancing

Ease your nervous system

Help reduce allergic reactions

Aid sleep hygiene

Promote immune function


Take control of your health.


Wise eating is not a skill or a trick. Eat what is pure and real and, to the best of your ability, know where it came from: who planted it or nurtured it, and who and what helped it grow? Take time to appreciate all the effort that went into that food before you consume it. With these guidelines in mind, a person has the power to enable food to be among the most beneficial preventative mainstays for optimal health.


I have extensive experience working with children, teenagers and adults challenged by food and environmental allergies, and endocrine/hormonal issues, and I work with them to minimize stress in their daily and nighttime routines.  


Since I began my nutrition and herbal studies in 2007, my appreciation for plants and herbs and their natural, nutritive and medicinal powers have inspired me. This inspiration motivates me to conserve and protect our environment by making choices of what to grow, what to purchase and what to consume. I carry this into my practice by making sustainable recommendations to my clients.

Services include:

    Initial intake and report with recommendations: $120.00

These appointments take 1 1/2 - 2 hours

Follow up appointments: $75.00
These appointments are 30 - 45 minutes

Customized herbal tinctures and tonics
are available $15 per ounce

These are often recommended during nutrition consultations   


Custom aromatherapy blends available

Consultations can be conducted either
at the Padma Center or through Zoom.

I am offering Reiki sessions at the Padma Center and at my home.

During these sessions, clients
remain fully clothed. I will ask permission to touch and hold a client’s head, ankles, and feet to

ease their nervous system

Sessions are
$50 for 30 minutes

$65 for 45 minutes.


Experience Reiki –
The Restorative Touch


I am now offering the healing and stress-reducing practice of Reiki for my clients.

Reiki is a Japanese form of healing and “laying on hands” by a trained practitioner. The word Rei
means “universal, present everywhere” and the
word Ki means “life force.” Reiki training enables a practitioner to harness this all-present life force or energy to introduce and/or restore quiet stillness to the body and mind.

During today’s often-chaotic times, it is important that we try to find tranquility within ourselves. By offering this practice to my clients, I can support them in finding that place of calm should they face feelings of anxiety and stress and outside forces.

I look forward to sharing the profound value of Reiki with you.

Reiki Anchor
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