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Heatlhy organic nutritious leeks

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Learn how food and nutrition
can improve your health,
especially during times of stress.


When COVID hit our community, in the middle of March 2020, I heard from clients, family and friends about their increased stress and anxiety regarding
the virus itself and all the unknowns that went along with it.

I was inspired to present to this group, via Zoom, a nutrition and lifestyle approach to help with these troubling times. It had to be aimed at boosting immune function, nourishing the digestive tract and all organs, along with a calming, soothing suggestions. I brought in elements from my nutrition, herbalism and aromatherapy studies and experience and paired them with lifestyle recommendations.

This evolved into two more presentations. Everyone was home and cooking all their own food, so presenting on using food as medicine, seemed like a great topic. While covering those two topics, a brilliant friend asked about inflammaging during one of the Zoom presentations. I had been planning to cover the increase in allergic reactions to foods and environmental chemicals; inflammation and inflammaging is all part of that discussion.


Here are those three presentations. I hope you find them helpful and informative.


Wishing you the best of health.



October 2020

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