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Nutritionist in organic tomato field

Take control
of your health through optimal nutrition,
lifestyle choices and Reiki attunement.

Organic lettuce, nutrition

Enable the natural, nutritive and medicinal powers of plants to promote your physical and mental wellbeing.


Use herbs and nutrition to

  • Support hormonal balancing

  • Ease your nervous system

  • Help reduce allergic reactions

  • Aid sleep hygiene

  • Promote immune function

Recipes & Tips 


Nancy’s methods for using food and herbs as medicine offer a gentle, yet effective path towards greater wellbeing. Get new recipes, lifestyle suggestions, and more.

Basket of healthy organic vegetables
Nancy Malina nutritionist in Ithaca
Nancy Corwin Malina, MS, CNS,
NCM Nutrition founder 

Nancy is a board-certified nutrition specialist who incorporates herbalism and aromatherapy into her practice. Since moving to Ithaca, she has been motivated to help her clients integrate sustainable nutrition into their diets, helping people of all ages to improve their overall health and that of the planet as well.

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