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It's Always Time for a Forest Bath!

As the COVID-19 crisis continues, it becomes even more crucial to take time to go outside. Bundle up and face the elements every day, if possible. Engaging with nature can be transcendent, as you watch and listen to birds, see the wind move through the branches of trees, listen to it rustle through tall grasses and observe the beauty of sun light through the woods or on water. There is no end to the potential for natural pleasures.

Not only will it give you a chance to breathe fresh air, but studies show that time spent outside, in nature, helps alleviate stress, reduce cortisol levels and improve mood. In addition, "Forest Bathing,” has been proven to lower blood pressure

Getting outside also allows for more opportunities to absorb the sun’s therapeutic rays and absorb more vitamin D. But I would also argue that time outside enables us to absorb more nutrients because we are calm and in the parasympathetic, rest and digest mode. When we are calm, we absorb more nutrients, and we can experience greater well being.

Spending time outside, even masked, allows us to gather with others for a socially distanced walk, hike, or a chance to watch the sun set.

Make a conscious effort to get out and away from your screens to help yourself get through these trying times and become inspired by all you experience outdoors.

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